Our environmental certifications

 HVE (High Environmental Value)

First, biodiversity and agriculture are inseparable from each other. Natural elements are constantly interacting with human activity…
Therefore, one of our environmental certifications is HVE. High Environmental Value aims to identify and value agricultural practices more respectful of the environment.

What is the HVE approach?

The High Environmental Value allows biodiversity to be better integrated into the production system, limiting the negative impacts that certain agricultural practices can have on it and optimizing the benefits that it can bring  (water system regulation, pollutant filtration, pollination…).

There are 4 indicators:

  • Biodiversity, which is expressed by the presence of agro-ecological infrastructures, plant diversity, etc.
  • Phytosanitary strategy evaluated with alternative methods to chemical control, weeding, etc.
  • The management of fertilization with the realization of a nitrogen balance, land cover, etc.
  • The management of irrigation measured by the equipment used, adherence to a collective management approach, etc.

To conclude, it is really important for us to conserve and develop the presence of natural spaces on the farm in order to ensure the survival and reproduction of most cultivation aids.


First of all, because  of the current challenges of sustainable development, which must be both economically efficient, socially equitable, and environmentally tolerable. One of our environmental certifications is Terra Vitis. Indeed, Terra Vitis certification has emerged as a response to these challenges and a way for us to value our work.

Logo Terra Vitis, le plaisir du vin terre vivante Terra Vitis process

Terra Vitis is a certification recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. The objectives of this certification are clear and specific:

  • Respect our environment and our terroir.
  • Listen and discover the expectations of our customers.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of our farm for future generations.

 The domaine BLOUIN ‘S commitment to this certification:

We are therefore committed to strict specifications, ensuring complete traceability and total transparency of our work, from the vine to the bottle.

Also, we want to work with respect to offer you healthy, authentic and quality wines, revealing all the typicity of our terroir.  Also, we observe our vineyard, the biological life that surrounds it and the balance that is created between these elements. We try to use the best possible methods to promote the development of natural defences of our plants, thus limiting our interventions.