Our philosophie

Wine is a family tradition for 5 generations. Our aim is to promote our terroir while respecting the bio diversity of the parcels. It is important for us to conserve and develop the presence of natural spaces on the farm in order to ensure the survival and reproduction of most cultivation aids. We value more environmentally friendly farming practices. As a result, we have two environmental certifications: Terra Vitis and HVE (High Environmental Value)

Welcome to the Estate

Located between the Loire and the Layon, discover an exceptional terroir and revive your senses by tasting our wines. Come with the families, with friends or on a professional trip, everyone is welcome. Situated on the Wine Route, in the heart of our charming village of St Aubin-de-Luigné (also called the Pearl of Layon) , we hope to welcome you soon.

A history of 5 generations

At its founding in the 1870, the estate covered 3 or 4 hectares. During this period, production was mainly devoted to dry and sweet white wines. The estate developed and expanded its range by planting red grape varieties on its surrounding hillsides. Further, it was the turn of Jean-Christophe, the son of Michel Blouin, to continue on with the family tradition.

The Estate in figures


hectares of vines







Take as much pleasure to discover our wines as we have to raise them …

Throughout the year, we enjoy sharing our passion for our wine.

On these few pages, discover a little about our profession.

It is for us, a little taste of what we can share with you when you come to visit.

Our Varieties

Pineau d’Aunis Grape
Area : 17 ares The Pineau d'Aunis, or chenin noir, is a really old grape variety. The firsts farmings go… Read More
White Chenin Grape
Area  : 13 ha 90 The Chenin Blanc comes from the Loire Valley, probably the region of Anjou, and is… Read More
White Sauvignon Grape
Area : 40 ares The Sauvignon Blanc is mostly established in the Bordelais and the Val de Loire. However, it's… Read More
  • Dry white Anjou 10%
Grolleau Grape
Area : 1ha 55 This variety is probably a native of the Touraine and it's not very old because its… Read More
  • Rosé de Loire 70%
Cabernet Sauvignon Grape
Area : 2ha 60 This variety take its origine in the Bordeaux area and its the second grape variety the… Read More
  • Anjou Villages 70%
  • Cabernet d'Anjou 50%
  • Red Anjou 30%
Cabernet Franc Grape
Area : 4ha50 The Cabernet Franc is one of the most oldest grape varieties grown in Gironde, since the Ist… Read More
  • Red Anjou 70%
  • Cabernet d'Anjou 50%
  • Anjou Villages 30%


  1. Plantation

    The life span for vines is around 40 years. We choose the variety according to the type of soil.

  2. Vine Cultivation

    Working methods have not changed a great deal. New techniques help improve grape and wine quality.

  3. Harvest

    Hand picking for reds and Crémant, sorting for sweet liquors , and by machine for the rosés.

  4. Wine making

    It is a type of art. Each vatful and selection are vinified in small batches in order to develop their personalities.

  5. Conditioning

    Is carried out when the wine is mature and according to the needs.

Visits & activities

Wine tasting

We propose a variety of our different wines for you to sample. From Crémant de Loire to our sweet white wines, not forgetting our reds and rosés, according to your preferences, all set in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Guided tours

During your visit, we will show you around the estate. This gives us the opportunity to explain how our wines are elaborated and to present their terroirs. (By appointment only)

Motorhome stopover

To welcome you in the best conditions, we have created a reception area, for motor homes or caravans with picnic tables.

  • Récolte pour le Crémant

The questions asked by our visitors

Do you produce all the products which are available for sale?

Yes, that’s why we are part of Independent Winegrowers. This means that our work begins with the planting of the vines and ends with the retailing.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are mainly individual customers. We also work with professional clients (wine caves and restaurant owner). Also we are developing gradually our exports mainly within Europe.

How many people are working on the Estate?

We are 5 working on the Estate all year round; we have additional help for the season. About 6 people to help with the work for spring-summer and a dozen seasonal workers for the harvest period.

What is the life span of a vine plant?

The life span of a vine is much related to its living conditions. They will be more drained with (poor soil or high yield) giving a short life span and vice versa. On our Estate the average age is 35, the oldest are 50 years old.

What are the requirements to have a wine cellar at home?

There are 4 main elements to have a good cellar:


  • 1st is the temperature: the main element, it must be as constant as possible.
  • 2nd  is humidity: air which is too dry causes premature drying out of the cork causing the wine to lose its natural properties more quickly.
  • 3rd is the light: it intervenes on the aging phenomena; the more there is the quicker the wine will change.
  • 4th is the olfactory atmosphere: the cork reacts with certain chemical solvents or products. This can produce a corky taste (eg bleach with chlorine).

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53, rue du Canal de Monsieur - SAINT AUBIN DE LUIGNE

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Reception by appointment : Monday to Saturday from 9h to 12h and 14h to 18h30.