Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru Chaume Cuvée Angela

"Liquorous and mineral"

Tasting note

Ample and intense nose with hints of honey, exotic and yellow fruits and full in the mout, which reveals o fruity odour characteristic of a very persistent aromas.


(10°C) : Goes nicely with foie gras, strong cheeses, and some desserts, especially pears and almonds. Very enjoyable as a cocktail.


From 10 years for several decades for a fine vintages.

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Exceptional Cuvée that we make on the Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru Chaume appellation area

  • Type of wine : Mellow White, exceptional, due to over ripe grapes, and successive sorting (3-5 times). The Cuvée corresponds to the most concentrated passage of the differents selections. It is made during great vintages and when the concentration of juices justifies it.
  • Grape Variety : 100% Chenin
  • Soil type: The clay and slate hillsides with very shallow soil gives a very low yield. Giving richness to the wine.
  • Wine making : The essential work is carried out in the vineyard, the preparation of vine-stocks (leaf thinning and removal) and during the harvesting with successive selections in the vineyard (90 at 100% of withered grains). In the cellar, a light racking takes place after a short pneumatic pressing. Each selection is vinified separately so that it develops its own characteristics.
  • Taste : Golden yellow to an amber gold.