Crémant de Loire

"Delicate and Surprising"

Tasting note

Floral nose. To taste, delicate steady bubbles, with white fruit aromas.


(6 à 8°C) : Superb Wine for Special Occasions, can be served as an iced cocktail, on its own or as a kir.


To be drunk young

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Superb wine for Special Occasions

  • Type of  wine : Sparkling White wine (Dry or medium-dry)
  • Grape Variety:  100% chenin
  • Soil type : Clay-Slate
  • Wine making :
    • Preparation of the base wine: The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small perforated crates in order to prevent the oxidation of the juice and any crushing of the grapes. Pressing and fermentation in the vats.
    • Bottle fermentation (the second fermentation in the bottle) :
      The base wine is conditioned in sealed bottles with additional sugar being added and then yeast that re ferments in the bottle thus  producing the carbon dioxide. The wine then remains on laths for twelve months in order for it to become more rich and complex.
    • Riddling and disgorging :
      After the ageing period, the bottles are placed on the tip (vertical storage) to remove the yeast deposit due to fermentation. The bottles are then opened to eject this deposit and then resealed with the cork and wire cage.
      The addition of a varying amount of liqueur d’expédition /dosage helps to obtain a dry or medium dry Crémant de Loire .This liquor is made up from one litre of wine and a kilogram of sugar.
  • Taste : Brillant and sparkling appearance.


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