Sparkling Grape juice

"Light and fruity "

Tasting note

Enjoyable at any time of the day.


Serve well chilled


2 years (DLUO)


Cuvée du Pressoir, Alcohol free

Pure Sparkling grape juice, light and fruity.

  • Type : Grape juice  carbonated
  • Grape Variety : 100% Chenin
  • The preparation of the Cuvée du Pressoir takes place during the harvesting period. As soon as the grapes are pressed, the juice is kept cold to prevent it from fermentingand the sugar turning to alcohol. This alcohol free juice clarifies naturally. Whilst repecting the cold chain, it is transported to be pasturised, bottled  and the carbon dixoide is added.
  • Taste : Served well chilled. Alcohol free,will appeal to both young and old. Service (10°C)