White Chenin Grape

White Chenin Grape

  • 25 Jun 2015

Area  : 13 ha 90

The Chenin Blanc comes from the Loire Valley, probably the region of Anjou, and is more commonly known as Pineau de la Loire. It might have been cultivated by the monks of Saint-Maur Abbey, between Angers and Saumur, in the IVth century. It’s a popular grape variety in the Vallée de la Loire.

A variety recognized by its title “King of the Loire Valley”.

Its biggest production is realized in South Africa.

It adapts itself in all types of soil and climate but entirely opens up on chalk soils with a fresh climate, like in Anjou.

Its bunch of grapes shape little and medium grape berries, with a light green-yellow peel. When they are fully mature, they are cover with a bunch of small points. The flesh is compelling and the pulp, thick.

The Chenin Blanc gives a really fruity wine (apricot, almond, lemon…), with honey notes going to exotic fruits (mango, pineapple). It’s generally a vivacious and vigorous wine which could last a long time.

This variety is ideal for expressing the character of terroir. It helps to develop a wine pallet ranging from the dry whites to the Crémants. It is exceptional when used for liquors wines!

Wines made of Chenin Blanc : Anjou Blanc, Crémant de Loire, all the sweet ones and the Grape juice.