Pineau d’Aunis Grape

Pineau d’Aunis Grape

  • 28 Jan 2020

Area : 17 ares

The Pineau d’Aunis, or chenin noir, is a really old grape variety. The firsts farmings go back to the IXth century. It owns its name after the priory of Aunis, at Dampierre, next to Saumur in Anjou. Before being almost extinct, it was one of the most popular grape variety of the Vallée de la Loire.

Its bunches of grapes are medium and shape thick grape berries, black plum, with a juicy flesh.

Spicy, with some pepper notes, it also have some red berries notes.

The Pineau d’Aunis gives a light wine, with not a lot of colour and fruity. Rarely vinified alone in Pays de a Loire, more associated at other grape varieties. It’s perfect for the composition of still wines and crémants.

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