Grolleau Grape

Grolleau Grape

  • 25 Jun 2015

Area : 1ha 55

This variety is probably a native of the Touraine and it’s not very old because its was seen the first time in 1810 in Charente. It’s only cultivated in France and mostly unknown out of borders. The Grolleau Noir is exclusively plant on the edges of the Loire, between Tours and Angers.

Its name comes from the word “Grolle” which signify crow in old french. It’s a big sign of the colour of its grape berries.

It become ripe late but its really resistant and vigorous.

Its bunch of grapes its grape berries are small with a thin resistant peel, bluish black. The flesh is a little bit firm and sweet, pleasurable and with an abundant juice.

Its nose is strong, expressive, essentially based on red berries like strawberry and raspberry or white fruits like peach and abricot notes. Sometimes, pepper touches emerging from the glass.

This grape variety produces original wines, very aromatics, thins, supples, not much alcoholic and coloured.

At the Domaine, it is used to elaborate the Rosé de Loire.