White Sauvignon Grape

White Sauvignon Grape

  • 25 Jun 2015

Area : 40 ares

The Sauvignon Blanc is mostly established in the Bordelais and the Val de Loire. However, it’s also very used in New Zealand, where it comes out to produce different wines.

It specially develops blackcurrant, box tree and citrus fruits aromas. The white wines of Loire have a taste of flowers, white citrus fruits and blackcurrant.

The Sauvignon Blanc bunch of grapes are compact. They really soak themselves up the soils and the climate, explaining the diversity of aromas it generate. The grape is small with a thick peel, and a golden yellow colour at maturity.

It is provided with a vibrating sourness, a thin texture but sharp and nuances which echoes the aromas we talked above. These variations come from climatological factors and then, are adjust according to the elaboration. It’s research for its structure, its freshness and its minerality.

The Sauvignon enables the development of dry white wines very distinguished, very delicate and well balanced. The majority of wines elaborated with this grape variety are consumed young and it’s generally assemble with other grape varieties.

On the estate, it is used in the blending of Anjou Blanc.